Teen Bible Study:

For the fall 2017-18 Session we will be studying the Gospel of John and utilizing the Studies on the Go: John as a supplemental source for questions, etc.  My plan is to post the weekly lesson readings and Quiet Time Reflections from the book (reproduced with permission for use by CBCOG bible study members only) here in case you miss them and want to catch up or if you want work ahead to next week.  We will also be attempting to read through the entire New Testament as a group before we end in the summer, so I will try to post a reading schedule here and/or give you a link to an app to keep track of your progress. If you have any questions or problems please contact me:  jasonkramer@zoominternet.net or 412-417-6272 voice/text/vm

Session   Scripture      Reflection Title

Week 1 - John 1:1-34 - Letting God Shine

Week 2 - John 1:35-51 - Follow Me

Week 3 - John 2:1-12 - Life of the Party

Week 4 - John 2:13-25 - Cleaning House

Week 5 - John 3:1-21 - Second Birth

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6 month New Testament Reading plan:

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